The Wild Beyond - Apple Cider

 A few years ago we started something different.  We planted a selection of weird and wonderful trees not normally grown in this part of the world.  These fruits hail from the Old World, having survived the years since they were discovered, not because of the way they look, but because of the way they taste.

Where the wild things grow...

There's something still wild in their bones.  Some trees, of course, are quite friendly, but others are suitably gnarly, sleepy and brisk.  Yet while these old souls don’t always play by the rules, the fruit they produce is certainly unique.

Come and dream of a place you used to know…

Many of our plantings are now several years old.  Not everything has worked, but our efforts are starting to bear fruit as we get to know our new neighbors.  And so the time has come for us to begin sharing what we've learnt as we continue down this winding path.  

Welcome to The Wild Beyond.